Fish of Dreams

Fish of Dreams

Monday, July 10, 2017

Starlit Heart: Songs From the Fish No. 2

Hello All

This song is inspired by a story idea I pulled from the fish, but cannot find. The story itself, while a line of it came from the fish tureen, was actually inspired by something that happened involving my daughter.

Sorcha loves books and like many kids, she loved to be read to. However, as soon as she learned to read, we were done. She never asked to be read to again. She just asked for more books to read. Before she finished kindergarten, she started reading chapter books. Her first chapter book, given to her by her Nana Rule, was Rainbow Magic Heather the Violet Fairy by Daisy Meadows. It was actually the 6th book in a series of 7 books about 2 girls who have adventures together in the world of colour fairies. If you're familiar with Daisy Meadows and her fairy books you will know that these are not the hardest and deepest of reads but to my wee one, this was the               beginning of a great adventure of her own.

One of her adventures began when she asked if we could order her the Book of Faeries from a Scholastic Book order. The book arrived on a sunny day in early fall and not only
was it a book, it was a kit. It contained a vial fairy dust (purple glitter), a bag of
dried flowers, a necklace with a pendant, and a book. The book, which was beautifully illustrated, told about the different kinds of fairies, their habits, and instructions on how to create a fairy circle.

After studying how it needed to be done, Sorcha asked if she could please go outside and make a fairy circle. I can still remember feeling overwhelming love for her as she quietly sat in the grass behind our apartment and with concentration not usually found in one so young, she carefully followed the instructions on how to create a fairy circle. I stayed back, not wanting to interrupt or break the spell. I could hear her sweet voice on the wind and watched as she carefully sprinkled the glitter and the flowers. She didn't have to tell me because I could see it in her face. She truly believed in fairies.

About a week later, there it was. In the spot where Sorcha had spoken the words from the Book of Faeries, was a ring of mushrooms, a fairy circle. I've no explanation for it. Yes, perhaps it's just coincidence and maybe I'd agree if I'd see mushrooms out back before then, but I hadn't. Sorcha was amazed at what had happened and there was no doubt in her mind that she had created that fairy circle. She knew that she had created a way home for any stranded fairies.

When I was a little girl, I believed fairies lived in my wall. I had many troubled years when I was small, and those fairies helped me more than I can explain. Their home, their beauty, their kindness was my safe space. I too, believed.

This song is for that little girl who found sanctuary with the fairies. This song is for Sorcha who was never afraid to believe in the magic of fairies.

This song is for all of us who believe.

Til next time,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Good Morning Carl: Songs From the Fish, No. 1

Hello All

A few days ago, I went to my Fish of Dreams for idea and pulled out "Good Morning Carl". It was in my hand writing, but I've no memory of when or why or how I came up with that idea.

Anyway, almost immediately my brain started coming up with an idea for as song about, not just a man named Carl, but many men; men who hang out in a coffee shop, or cafe, or in the case of this song, a diner and talk daily about their troubles and the way things used to be.

This is the song. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for watching,

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fish of Dreams and A Half-Dozen Carp

Hello All

When my grandmother died in 2001, she left me her beautiful set of fish dishes. They included fish plates, a giant fish platter, a fish gravy boat and 2 fish shaped, well for lack of a better word, tureens.

About 4 and half years ago I started asking friends and family to write story ideas down on pieces of paper. Any idea. It didn't matter. It could be a word like, "Gumdrops" or it could be a sentence like, "Last night was completely insane". Once they had written down an idea, I would put their paper, unlooked at by mine eyes, in one of my fish tureens.

Why did I do this? Some sort of bizarre burning sacrifice to the story god ritual? (And apparently, according to Google, that god would be Anansi, god of all stories.) No, I had another plan in mind, involving a lot less fire. With all of the best of intentions, during the year I turned 40, I was going to write 250, 250 word stories. Every few days, I would pick a story idea out of the fish tureen and write.

I say best of intentions because I was not terribly successful. In 2013, the year I turned 40, I wrote around 30 polished stories and another 30 rough stories, but around May, I stopped reaching into the fish. I ran out of steam, or desire, or nerve. Maybe all of the three. Currently, it is well over 4 years since I turned 40 and I often open the china cabinet and look at the tureen still filled with ideas, my Fish of Dreams. I know that it's really OK that I didn't write all those stories in one year but I do think, when are you going to pick up where you left off?

Well, today is the day. Actually, Monday was the day. I pulled an idea out of the fish and wrote a song. And that's what this blog is going to be dedicated to; songs and stories from my Fish of Dreams.

The first one is going to be a story I wrote back in 2013. It's a very silly story and involves Batman. Adam West died yesterday, and so, I think it's a fitting story to post. I didn't see him in a lot, and I finally understood that the Batman TV show was a joke long after I should have realized, but when I listened to him on the Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick a few years ago and I found Mr. West to be one of the most genuine guests I'd listened to on the show. His joy for just being alive was extraordinary and whenever someone mentions him, I think of that podcast and smile. 

I'd like to post this story and dedicate it to the memory of great man: Pure West. (Shameless Simpson reference.)


A Half-Dozen Carp (an idea deposited into the fish by my husband)

"What are these doing here?"

"He sent them and a note. I assume it will explain their purpose."

"It better...Dear blah, blah...Thank-you for your valiant efforts in saving the blah, blah ocean door, family blah, blah. Please accept blah...they are well trained and should serve you well. Yours in justice, blah blah...Ah well, there you go.  They're a reward or something along those lines."

"Yes, I suppose so sir, but what are we supposed to do with them exactly. They don't belong here in the manor."

"I don't them? We've a dinner party...coming up? Don't we? I mean what else really, are you supposed to do with a half-dozen carp?"

"Sir, they are charmed carp with the ability to move about on land. I believe he intended for them to serve you and not for you to serve them."

"Ha! Clever word play! I enjoyed that...OLD CHUM! Ha! See? I can do that too!"

"Very good sir and thank-you sir, but sir...where exactly are you going now?"

"To my...special place. Bring them along. We'll suit them up and they can become part of my team. After all, I'm done with birds. It's about time I tried my hand fighting along side fish."

"Good of you to seize this opportunity for change."

"I think so. One may even say...CARP Diem?"

"Yes sir. You may even say that. I'll get started on their costumes."

"That would be FIN-tastic!"

"Please stop sir, or I'm sending them back."

"I'm done."

"Very good, sir."


Til next time,
Happy Stories,